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College Dudes - Tony Fucks Logan
Date Added: 01/21/2011
Tony Falco is one of our newest Dudes, and after his solo vid it took him a few weeks to gather up the courage to try more than just jerking off. Even though he had never been with a guy, he has a very open mind and is really easy going. Logan Birch was staying in town so we thought we would pair these two hot guys together to see what happened. To our surprise, it was explosive! Tony is really at ease kissing and making out with another dude, and Logan gives him a nice hand job before going down to deepthroat him. This must have gotten him going, because when it came time to suck dick for the first time, Tony pretty much gets throat fucked! It is so hot watching Tony take a dick in his mouth. He is really riled up after that, and takes a dildo to Logans ass to loosen it up for a passionate aggressive fuck session. Logan is screaming and begging for more dick from this Italian stallion. Hot fuck!

College Dudes - Jack Fucks Dylan
Date Added: 01/21/2011
We were excited to start working with Dylan - who is looking better than ever these days - so we thought that we would see how he could take a pounding from Jack Griffin. This scene is spectacular! Jack and Dylan demonstrate some palpable chemistry as soon as the cameras are rolling, and Dylan ends up going down on Jack like he is literally starving for cock. Jack seems to like Dylans ass more than usual, too, judging by the wet tongueing he gives it. Once Dylan is primed up, Jack unleashes his inner beast and throttles Dylan all over the bed in various positions. Our favorite part was when Jack pins Dylan on the bed so he has nowhere to go except to take the pounding that Jack is dishing out. Dylan must have like it quit a bit, because this scene marks the first time Dylan has ever cum getting fucked - and what an orgasm it is! Hot Fuck!

College Dudes - Felix Busts A Nut
Date Added: 01/21/2011
Hot college boy jerks off on camera.

College Dudes - Buddy Fucks Teagan
Date Added: 01/21/2011
Buddy Davis has always been a fan favorite. His sexy stare, gorgeous body, and rock hard dick never fail to please. Teagan Scott gets lucky in this scene as Buddy and Teagan make out, slobber on each others cocks, and get it on with some steamy fucking. After Buddy licks Teagans ass and tongues his hole until Teagan is begging for it, Teagan rides Buddy and his hot cock, bobbing his sweet ass up and down as Buddy moans in pleasure. Then Buddy flips Teagan over and pounds him hard and deep. Hot scene!

College Dudes - Bryan And carter
Date Added: 01/21/2011
Two of our most favorite models are together in this extremely hot flip-flop fuck session! Bryan and Carter really heat things up in this vid - from the minute they start making out, you can tell it is going to be explosive. Carter wets Bryans hot uncut cock before lying Bryan on the bed and giving him a great face fucking. Then Carter sits on Bryans face and Bryan preps Carters hole for his massively thick cock. Carter, all ready and loosened up by Bryans tongue, site on Bryan and really rides his cock hard. Carter soon turns the tables though and gives Bryan the slamming of his life. Bryan cannot control himself while Carter is pounding him good - and each of these two hot college dudes delivers a hot load of warm cum. Great fuck!

College Dudes - Felix Fucks Ashton
Date Added: 01/21/2011
Felix Sharpe called us up a month ago asking if he could do a scene with Ashton Rush. Apparently Ashtons last scene really made an impression on him! The day arrived for Felix and Ashton to fuck, but Felix missed his flight, so the scene was moved to the next day. Nothing lost, though, because this scene is hot! Ashton and Felix make an awesome pairing because these two dudes are really into each other. From the cock-swallowing to the intense rim-job Felix gives Ashton, the tension keeps building until Ashton hops on Felix and starts riding him like a pro. Felix flips Ashton over and gives him a good long pounding before both of these guys milk a hot load of jizz from their cocks. Hot scene!

College Dudes - Josh Stark Busts A Nut
Date Added: 01/21/2011
Josh Stark is a sexy blond from Minnesota, with a seemingly permanent smile on his face and an ability to get along with anyone in his company. Having been a champion high school wrestler, he has a nice tight bod, but his best attribute has to be his giant thick cock. We can only imagine how hot it must be to be playing with that schlong! Josh gives us a taste of it in his jack-off vid, along with every other inch of his bod. After working it up and stroking it, he kneels into the classic wrestling position - and without a singlet on that gives the perfect view of his hot little asshole. Josh flips over and busts a huge warm load of jizz all over himself up to his neck! We cannot wait to see what else Josh might have in store for us!

College Dudes - Jason Busts A Nut
Date Added: 01/21/2011
Jason Ryes is a 19 year-old Michigan freshmen with a love for skate boarding and listening to music. He even brought his board with him on his trip down and decided to do sight-seeing that way. Being from the north woods, Jason has a soft pale skin and a polite manner, but what really struck us is how uninhibited he is. Jason threw off his clothes and worked up a hard-on faster than most! In this vid, Jason shows you everything he has got - and we mean everything. From his hard cock to his pink hole, to a really nice cumshot, Jason is a hottie to watch!

College Dudes - Jarrod And His Dildo
Date Added: 01/21/2011
Jarrod Price has been in a number of scenes with other College Dudes, but to date he had been only thinking about anything having to do with his ass. Like a lot of younger guys who have never been fucked or played with toys, Jarrod was nervous yet extremely interested at the same time. We took a field trip with Jarrod and some of the other Dudes to the local adult shop so that we could pick one up just for him. He was leaning heavily to the smallest toy in the store, but good old peer pressure kept getting the size up. We settled on his dildo and went back for a very hot show! Jarrod eases down on his dildo, getting his very tight pink hole used to the feeling. As he sits on the dildo, he also keeps looking into the camera, knowing how badly a lot of guys would love to be in his ass themselves. Once comfy, Jarrod really gives his hole a workout, jerking off and moaning - really getting into it. He blasts a huge load of jizz all over himself, and you can see the surprise in his face that he got off so great with a thick piece up his little ass. Super hot!

College Dudes - Jarrod Fucks Logan
Date Added: 01/21/2011
Jarrod Price is back, this time honing his slam-fucking skills on Logan. We were really happy to see Jarrod fuck the shit out of Logan - at one point as Logan is riding him, Jarrod is pounding Logan so hard from beneath that we thought Logan was going to pass out! Logan can take a pounding and Jarrod certainly knows how to give one! After riding, Jarrod flips Logan over and continues to pound the living daylights out of him until he gushes a hot cumload. Intense fucking!

College Dudes - Martin Hess Busts A Nut
Date Added: 01/21/2011
Martin Hess is the type of guy you might see at the gym, just finishing a long work out and heading to the showers. You may even want to sneak a peek as he lathers up his hot 22 year old bod in the shower. Luckily, Martin actually likes being watched and is eager to give us a hot show. He has a nice amount of body hair on his chest and butt, just enough to let you know he is a man and not a boy. After getting to know Martin better, he stands up, strips down with ease, and works up his cock. Martin strokes his dick at length, playing around with it, rubbing his balls, slapping his dick against his stomach, and bending over to let us see his hot crack - then he flips onto the chair and lets out a hot gusher just for us! Hot jerk-off!

College Dudes - Lucas Fucks Rob
Date Added: 01/21/2011
Lucas Vitello may be only 18, but he certainly knows how to fuck some ass! Rob Ryder has one of the most delicious asses of all the dudes, so we thought we would give Lucas a taste. These two clicked right away, and after making out Rob gives Lucas what he later described as the best BJ in his life. After getting all worked up by Rob, Lucas goes to town on Robs hot pink asshole, drilling Rob senseless on the stool before throwing him onto the floor and enjoying the ride. Rob and Lucas both get off with extra creamy loads to end this hot scene!

College Dudes - Jimmy Fucks Rob
Date Added: 01/21/2011
Jimmy Durano is looking better than ever fucking one of our most requested bottom boys, Rob Ryder. Jimmy knows how to jackhammer a hot tight butthole, and Rob is the recipient of an intense fucking. These two dudes start out with an incredibly passionate make-out session, and Jimmy and Rob trade blow jobs. The way Rob swallows Jimmys cock is a pre-cursor to how badly he seems to want it inside of him. Our favorite part of this vid is when Rob is squatting on a small stool while Jimmy goes to town on him. At the end, Rob takes a huge facial from Jimmy, and he really enjoys the warm cum oozing down his cheeks.

College Dudes - Aj Busts A Nut
Date Added: 01/21/2011
We are happy to have AJ Monroe jerking off for us in this sexy vid! While shaving his face, AJ tells us a little bit about himself - then he throws off his towel and hopes in the tub. AJ gets all soapy, and in the process is really horned up. We think AJ gets into as many positions as he possibly can, showing off his nice cock, hot ass, and smooth 20 year old bod. AJ ends up shooting a hot load all over the glass panel and ends the vid by taking a taste of his own cum. Hot vid!

College Dudes - Gage And Jake
Date Added: 01/21/2011
Gage Preston and Jake Steel turn up the heat in the passionate flip-flop scene. Since Gage and Jake are both versatile and love fucking, we thought we would put them together. After swapping knob-jobs, these two fuck like rabbits. Our favorite part is Gage riding Jakes cock, moaning, and loving every minute of it until he gushes a huge load of jizz!

College Dudes - Cole Fucks Rob
Date Added: 01/21/2011
Cole Gartner really makes a splash in his first fuck scene - and Rob Ryder is just the cock-hungry bottom Cole needed to bring out his inner beast. Cole gets a hot BJ from Rob, then flips Rob over and sucks him off while he is fingering Robs hole to prepare him for what is to come. Once Rob is loosened up, Cole goes crazy on Rob, choking him out, slapping him around, and having a great time just like he likes it. Cole really surprised us coming out of his shell like this, but this is the type of surprise we could really get used to! Hot Fuck!

College Dudes - Levi Busts A Nut
Date Added: 01/21/2011
Levi Modesto just turned 18, but he is coming strong out of the starting gate! Levi is a confident, almost cocky, young man, and he has absolutely no qualms about showing off his dick to whomever wants to see it. The minute he was out of his shorts, he popped a major erection and kept it the entire photoshoot and video. We love these kind of hotties! Levi has a sexy face, a rock hard cock, nice young bod, and a beautiful butt. After he strokes his dick for a good five minutes, he bends over and shoves his butt out just enough that we can see his nice young hole all ready and waiting. Levi is new to this position but did not flinch at all -- he then rolls over and busts a nice fat nut all over himself. Welcome, Levi!

College Dudes - Cidd Fucks Cj
Date Added: 01/21/2011
Cidd Pierce has a lot of fans who love his big dick and the way he stuffs an ass with it. CJ Diamante was up for it and swallowed that huge cock and got it all juicy. We loved seeing CJ take care of Cidds thick one, you could tell he is really into dick! Cidd prepped CJs hole with both his fingers and a toy before pounding him every which way. Great fuck scene!

College Dudes - Cole And Hayden
Date Added: 01/21/2011
When Cole Gartner told us he was ready to take the next step, we were excited because we think he definitely has what it takes. Even though he had never had a dick in his mouth before we unleashed Hayden Wolfe on him. Hayden has a massive piece of meat, and he has satisfied many college dudes over the years with it. We were not, however, about to let Hayden off without trying something new himself. After Cole and Hayden lick, suck, slurp, and swallow each others rock hard cocks, each of these horny dudes takes a load on the face and lips, one right after the other! Hayden busts all over Coles mouth and chin, then Cole licks Haydens giant cock completely clean and Cole stands back up to kiss. Hayden licks some extra cum off of Coles chin and then goes down to take a load. Hayden takes it all over his face, licks some extra cum off Coles dick and the two kiss again - a hot ending to a cock and cum worship extravaganza!

College Dudes - Connor Fucks Logan
Date Added: 01/21/2011
Connor Dane fucking Logan Birch has to be one of the hottest fucks we have filmed. These guys were so intense right from the start, and they never slowed down! Connor shows Logan who is boss by ramming his massive cock down Logans throat over and over - Connor has a dominant streak in him! After sucking on Logan, Connor flips logan over and gives him a deep ass-stretching fingering then commands Logan to ride his cock. For an 18 year old not too experienced in having dick up his ass, Logan sure proved he can take it like the best of them! Connor pounds and drills Logan until they both end up sweaty, out of breath, and Logan covered in jizz. Amazing fucking!

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