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College Dudes - Caden Lyle busts a nut
Date Added: 02/07/2011
Caden Lyle is the hottest 18 year old we have worked with in a long time! From the minute you see this stud you will be drooling over his amazing arms, pecs, abs, and legs - but when he works up his rock hard dick you will be in heaven. Caden is packing a thick cock and he works it every way he can in this sexy jerk off vid. After showing us every angle of his great body, Caden explodes all over himself in a shower of cum.

College Dudes - Christian Jade fucks William West
Date Added: 02/07/2011
Christian Jade has a huge cock and a sinister grin - maybe he is grinning because he gets to shove his huge tool into William West. These two hot guys go at it for a long time, slowly getting each others clothes off, sucking like no tomorrow in a 69, and then William gets right on it - literally! After Christian pile drives WW, they both finish off with great cumshots!

College Dudes - Shane fucks Dillinger Cole
Date Added: 02/07/2011
It is not often we video a guy being deflowered, but Dillinger Cole was really up for the challenge, and we thought Shane would be perfect. After some intense throat-deep cock sucking, Shane gets to business on Dillingers ass, and although he winces a little as his asshole is stretched out by Shane, by the end of the vid Shane is pounding Dillinger like a jackhammer and Dillinger has a rock-hard boner that results in a nice load of spooge. Not to be outshined, Shane blows a cumsplosion so far that it hits Dillinger in the face! HOT HOT virgin fucking!

College Dudes - Damien Diego busts a nut
Date Added: 02/07/2011
Damien Deigo really struts his stuff in his first solo video. After getting down to his white underwear, he works up his huge love muscle and then goes to town, giving us all some great views of his body, his beautiful cock, and his sexy ass. He gives us all a lot of hot looks in the video, but just before he cums you can tell by the look on his face that he is in another world as he gets ready to explode. Welcome Damien!

College Dudes - Nathan Sommers fucks Jayden Grey
Date Added: 02/07/2011
We have been excited about seeing Jayden get fucked since we first met him. Nathan was more than happy to pound the daylights out of Jayden. After Nathan gets a nice wet blowjob from Jayden (Jayden loves uncut cock and had been asking for this!), Nathan flips Jayden over, gets his hole nice and slippery, then goes to town. We have not seen fucking this intense in a while! After Nathan makes Jaydens hole sore from all the deep penetration, he pulls out his cock and blows a tremendous load all over Jayden, from his chest, to his face, to over his head!

College Dudes - Jonah Madison busts a nut
Date Added: 02/07/2011
Jonah Madison was introduced to us by a friend, who is another model we work with. So after some initial conversations over a year ago, we finally got Jonah down to give us a show. Jonah is a hot blond Southern 20 year old with sex and sports on his mind constantly. In his solo he begins stroking his cock, and then shows us his hot asshole. Jonah spreading his ass is a sight to behold! After some ass-play, Jonah sits down and busts a nut. Hot stuff!

College Dudes - Tim Vander fucks Kurt Wild
Date Added: 02/07/2011
Tim Vander and Kurt Wild make an awesome pair - Kurt goes crazy on Tims big cock, so much so that Tim almost looked like a deer caught in headlights when Kurt hopped up and rode him like the wild boy he is! We loved watching Tim fuck Kurt deep, even the way his nice ass moved as he dove in and out. Kurt gives us a great cumshot as he is getting fucked, then Tim drenches him some more!

College Dudes - Tim Vander fucks Spencer Stone
Date Added: 02/07/2011
Tim Vander fucks Spencer Stone with his big dick in this passion-filled vid. Tim and Spencer waste no time grabbing hold of each others cocks, and both of these guys love slurping dick so much that it really shines through - Tim gives Spencer a great shine, and Spencer tries his hand at deep-throating. But Spencer wants more, so Tim gives him an amazing, ass-stretching pounding until Spencer is overcum. ;)

College Dudes - Nathan Sommers fucks Thor Martin
Date Added: 02/07/2011
Nathan Sommers loves to fuck, and even though Thor Martin was unsure if he could take the pounding, he is amazing in this fuck vid! After some 69 action, Nathan rims Thor until he is good and ready, then fucks Thor good. Thor is moaning in pleasure and riding Nathan like a champ by the time they are finished. Awesome job by two of our best Dudes!

College Dudes - Tommy Defendi fucks Beau Tucker
Date Added: 02/07/2011
We were really glad to have Tommy Defendi back to work over Beau Tucker. Tommy has a beautiful big dick, and Beau wastes no time going down on it. We had no idea how well Beau could deep-throat until we were filming. Beau is an amazing cocksucker! But the best part of course is Tommy ripping into Beaus hot ass and pounding him like no tomorrow. Tommy finishes off by jizzing all over Beaus sexy face. HOT!

College Dudes - Jason Matthews and Ryan Dyser
Date Added: 02/07/2011
Jason Matthews and Ryan Dyser settle down on the couch for some hot cock-sucking. Both of these dudes slurp up dick, ball-lick, and deep-throat like they had not had cock in months! After some mutual face-fucking, Jason blows a load all over Ryans face and Ryan, on his knees, pops his nut all over Jasons feet. Hot scene by two hot dudes!

College Dudes - Mark Marin busts a nut
Date Added: 02/07/2011
Mark Marin stands over 6 feet and weighs over 220, and he has a cock to match! This uncut stud shows us all in his first solo. Mark was a little shy at first but once he started stroking his rock hard cock he really got us going! He was so into it, breathing so heavily and whipping his dick around, we were shell shocked. It was really hot to see him bust a load all over his big hot bod. You are going to love Mark pull his pole for you!

College Dudes - Marc Peron busts a nut
Date Added: 02/07/2011
Marc Peron is a tall smooth 19 year old sophomore going to school in Michigan. He told us he is really more of an urban boy, and loves getting to Chicago or back to LA any chance he can get. The bonus for Marc of being in the Midwest he says is the great availability of corn-fed studs waiting for someone to sweep them off of their feet! Well, Marc must certainly do just that! In his solo he talks a little bit about how much he loves sex and sexual encounters, including public sex.

College Dudes - Jarrod Price fucks Rob Ryder
Date Added: 02/07/2011
Both Jarrod and Rob have a little experience when it comes to fucking - however, this scene stands out among their work to date. To start with, Rob Ryder was completely hard even before we started the photo-shoot, even with his clothes on. His cock was standing at attention even with his gym shorts on, and it would not go down, so we just started the scene like that. Maybe it was the prospect of getting fucked by Jarrod, who is know pretty well known for his power-fucking?

College Dudes - Gabe Krol fucks Spencer Stone
Date Added: 02/07/2011
Gabe gives Spencer the slam-fucking of his life in this spectacular fuck. Even though this was Gabes first time fucking a guy, he did not hold back one bit, and Spencer - after getting an amazing blow job - gets completely pummeled. We were surprised that Spencer could walk after the scene was over! You are definitely going to get your rocks off to this rocking scene!

College Dudes - Scott Isaac fucks Marc Peron
Date Added: 02/07/2011
Scott Isaac moved further away and got pretty busy, so we had not heard from him in a while. When we got a text saying he was interested in coming down to fuck some more ass, we had him on the next flight, and luckily for Marc Peron, Scott arrived just in time to fuck the living daylights out of his hot ass! Marc Peron was a little shell-shocked at the size of Scotts big thick cock, but that did not keep his mouth off of that dick for one second.

College Dudes - Damien Diego fucks Gage Preston
Date Added: 02/07/2011
What happens when you put a hot blond power bottom with a latin stud? Damien Diego and Gage Preston show us in this incredible scene! Damien gets Gage all fired up with a blowjob, then proceeds to fuck Gages face until he could barely take any more cock down his throat. Gage and Damien took turns licking each others assholes, and then Damien stuck his beautiful uncut cock deep inside Gages bright pink hole. These guys worked up quite a sweat and fucked until there was nothing left but jizz all over Gage. Enjoy!

College Dudes - Gage Preston busts a nut
Date Added: 02/07/2011
Gage Preston has quickly become a CollegeDudes247 favorite, and he really wanted to show you what he can do on his own! This sexy blond jerks his cock, plays with his hole, and then shoves a mushroom-head dildo deep into his ass until he bursts into a huge load of cum! Enjoy Gage jerking it for you!

College Dudes - Patrick Bateman fucks Rusty
Date Added: 02/07/2011
Patrick Bateman and Rusty really got along well before the shoot, so we knew that Patrick busting Rustys ass open would really be hot to film. These guys both spend a lot of time at the gym, and it was hot watching their bodies rub together as they were stroking each other. Patrick is getting a lot better at sucking cock, too! But when Rusty had a big dick up his ass, we could not believe how into it he was, begging for Patrick to slap his ass and moaning in pure pleasure. Great fuck scene!

Broke Straight Boys - Ken and Jeremy
Date Added: 02/02/2011
On the futon today, Broke Straight Boys is pleased to have a newcomer, Ken, while also welcoming back Jeremy. They are in the studio to an oral shoot together. Ken previously applied to appear on BSB but as he is gay, there was little opportunity for him so he worked at a couple of other studios.

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